You search the web, We plant trees

May 22, 2019

Ecosia Vs Treegle – Treegle Plants Trees Where You Choose

Ecosia Vs Treegle Ecosia is one solution to web search for a sustainable future. Treegle is another. Like Ecosia, Treegle allows you to plant trees while you search the web. But with Treegle – YOU get to decide where the search engine revenues are spent and where the trees are planted. Treegle is 100% Transparent Like Ecosia, Treegle is 100% transparent. You can see exactly where all the money goes, and watch as the tree

How ecosia works?  ecosia and Plant trees while you search the web.
May 20, 2019

How ecosia works? ecosia and Plant trees while you search the web.

Both Ecosia and Plant trees while you search the web. When you are searching the web we recommend you to search from ecosia and or For every search all are giving the profits to organizations that plant trees. As ecosia is writing in their website: “We plant trees where they’re needed most”. However, who decide where is it “needed most”? We are fully believe in ecosia goal and we are committed for that as

What is Ecosia? What is Treegle?
April 21, 2019

What is Ecosia? What is Treegle?

What is Ecosia and What is Treegle? Are they the same? Ecosia and Treegle both are transparent companies that donate all their revenues for implementing trees worldwide. Although Ecosia is online for some time, Treegle is a new organization that came out from the need of Ecosia users to decide where to implement the trees. In Treegle each user can decide where to donate and how to split the revenues.  

April 15, 2019

Ecosia vs Treegle

As mentioned in the past, we love Ecosia. We think they are a great partner for the world. They help the world to produce more oxygen by planing trees. Ecosia is fully transparent, same as we are in Treegle. Which is great. The only thing is that we allow you to decide where your donation will go. Which country your search and click will go to. Treegle allow you to choose your search engine while

August 15, 2018

How we can make a different with a single click.

Ecosia and Treegle When you search the web you probably use google, Yahoo or Bing. Probably you hear about a great service called  What Treegle and ecosia are doing is getting the web ads revenues (that you will see anyway) to support planting trees. So, how does ecosia and Treegle work? Well, almost the same. Both of them are transparent and allow you as a user to see where the money goes. The main